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6 Tips for the Productive Telecommuter

You may have dreamed of it for some time, and now it has finally arrived: the opportunity to work a couple days, or even full-time, from home! Ah, the joys of telecommuting. Here are some things to pay attention to if you are going to be a successful, productive telecommuter and keep your productivity level up. […]

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6 Speech Habits You Should Eliminate From Work

Developing quality relationships with your coworkers and boss takes effort. One of the things you need to watch in order to protect these relationships is your words and speech patterns. You probably remember being told to “use your words” as a child. There are some words and speech habits that you should not use at […]

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6 Practices that Will Boost Your Career

Whether your workplace is a driven, get-ahead atmosphere or a laid back, friendly place, you need to be considering your actions if you want to be moving forward in your career. There are things that you are doing now that can get you that raise, better office, or new position. You should already know about these […]

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Avoid These 3 Hidden Pitfalls in Your Strengths

A strength is a strength, right? Well, taken to extremes, the strengths you’re proud of and have honed for years can actually become detrimental to you and the people around you. Certain aspects, when taken too far, can be a more harmful weakness to you than you might realize. These three strengths are most often […]

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Find Your Perfect Work-Life Balance

Striking a balance. That’s never easy, no matter what you’re doing. As humans, we tend to swing the pendulum from one extreme to the other. Though it can be difficult, it is possible to strike that perfect balance between work and personal life. Here are five tips to find that balancing point for your work-life. […]

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Answering the Quitting Question

There could be many different reasons for why you left your last job, or employed, but currently looking for a new opportunity. In an interview, you need to be able to articulate those reasons well without digging yourself into a hole. All About Perspective Whether you were fired, laid off or chose to quit your […]

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Grow in These 7 Areas to Become a Quality Leader

Are you in a leadership position in your company right now? Or do you aspire to be in that position someday? No matter where you are, these qualities can be worked on right now. If you want to be a good leader, they’re essential to your success. Communication How are your communication skills? Could your […]

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Avoid These Four Business Email Errors

Email has been around for a while now, and one would think, the errors would have gotten sorted out. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t true. There is still a need to understand what is and isn’t appropriate to include in an email, especially in the business world. Here are some things that you definitely should not […]

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5 Ways to Make Your Boss Glad They Hired You

Your boss has a lot going on, whether it’s managing people or responding to those who are in charge higher up. With all that going on, there are things they want you to be doing that they might not express. Here are five actions that will make your boss glad that they hired you. Volunteer […]

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