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4 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Get Ahead at Work

How do you get that promotion at work when your coworkers are also jockeying for it? Standing out from the competition may be easier than you think. Here are some ways to stand out without destroying your relationships with your colleagues. Go Above and Beyond Yes, you probably have heard this before, but have you […]

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Personal Branding and Marketing Yourself

A personal brand is all about what people know you for. Ideally, you want them to associate you with a specific thing, a niche so that when they see or hear your name, they think of success in that area. People need to think of you as a leader or expert in that area. Personal […]

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5 Steps to Asking for a Raise or Promotion

It would be nice to never have to ask for a raise or a promotion at your job. Instead, you do your work well (like you’ve been doing); and your boss sees and rewards accordingly. Unfortunately, that’s not the real world. Employers are dealing with many employees on many different levels. It’s easy for someone […]

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How Overwork Could be Destroying Your Health

Maintaining your health is vitally important. However, many people sabotage their efforts by living like workaholics as they try to get ahead. No matter how good your intentions are, working longer hours is bad for your health in many ways. Here are some of the health problems you could encounter. Cardiovascular issues When you go […]

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Acceptable Reasons for Calling into Work

What is a legitimate excuse for not coming in to work? What qualifies as a sick day and what will get you a reprimand? You may hate taking any of your sick days, or you may already be maxed-out and it’s March. Whichever end of the spectrum you land on, here are some good reasons for […]

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7 Networking Mistakes That are Undermining You

How are your networking skills? But really, how are they? You may think you’re hitting it out of the park at every networking event you attend, but you could really be undermining your efforts. If you’re doing any or all of these 7 things, it’s time to change your networking style. Forgetting your business cards […]

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7 Ways to Deal with a Difficult Coworker

Unfortunately, there is always going to be that person at work. The one who always finds the negative in every idea, who complains constantly, or never turns in their work on time, or ever. However, your productivity and quality of work doesn’t have to be dragged down by their poor performance. If you’re dealing with […]

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